Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holy Snake!

Though most public places shriek at the sight of a snake and are quick to get rid of it, the opposite is true for certain churches across the country.

As a result of a select interpretation of a scripture in the bible, there are churches that not only welcome snakes to their mass, but also see them as a necessity. Snake-­handling in religious ceremonies has been around for quite some time, and is surprisingly still a practice in dozens of churches across the United States.

snake handler

Believers will interact with the snakes in a variety of ways, including touching them, holding them up in the air and letting them crawl on their bodies.  To them, it represents their trust in God as their protector, and their dedicated belief in Him.

The practice has always been seen as obscure and controversial, and of course, many bites have resulted from it. One recent case was pastor Jamie Coots, who was bitten by one of the most venomous snake species in the United States, the rattlesnake.


The rattlesnake is a species of pit viper that is not uncommon in the area surrounding the church Coots led in Middlesboro, Kentucky, and a species which is commonly used in these ceremonies. Of the dozens of snakes Jamie kept, he had handled this same rattlesnake many times before, and was surprised when it sunk its fangs into his right hand.

Rattlesnake bites, though extremely venomous, do not usually result in many deaths of humans because of how accessible and effective the treatment for them has become. With the ambulance’s prompt response and the location of the bite, Coots would have likely survived the incident if he had agreed to receive the treatment.

jamie coots

As a dedicated believer in his practice, Jamie declared in front of the church that he would not accept any medical treatment for the bite.  By the time Jamie was in his home again, he was already unconscious.  Respecting his wishes, Jamie was not given medical treatment, and was pronounced dead a few hours later from the snake bite.

Impressively, Coots had survived quite a few rattlesnake bites in the past without any medical intervention.  With dozens of deaths occurring from the practice, it has been made illegal in many areas.

Of all of the practices humans use snakes for, this is one of the most bizarre, as well as dangerous.

snake handlers


bunch of rattlesnakes

Holy Snake!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Top 10 Unbelievable Things Swallowed By Snakes

Though snakes do not eat very frequently, they do not go hungry. Actually, the word “feast” as we know it is like a joke to many snakes around the world, and the phrase, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” would not even be an exaggeration if said by some snakes. snake biting fence

When snakes get hungry, they rarely hesitate, and ambush the first thing they find, regardless of how inconvenient or difficult it may be to swallow. Because of their voracious appetites and lack of reason, they have been found consuming some interesting meals.

Once snakes begin to swallow, very rarely do they do stop, despite the complications that may arise.

Snakes are very dependent on their senses to find their prey, so if the senses become impaired, sometimes they can make mistakes. If a snake does make a bad judgment on a meal, it will likely persevere until it has disappeared into its belly anyway.

Snakes have been found after swallowing some senseless, strange and downright impressive things. Ranging from a full-grown alligator to golf balls, here is a list of the most unbelievable things ever consumed by snakes.



In Australia, pythons are native, and there is a significant population of them.  People in the area often get free entertainment by watching them feed. Imaginably, seeing pythons strike, crush and swallow their prey can be quite a sight.

Sometimes when pythons feel like taking on a challenge, the show can get even better. In the land where kangaroos are also plentiful, a hungry python decided to give bystanders a show to remember.

After ruthlessly coiling around and crushing the kangaroo, the slender reptile had to make quite an impressive stretch to begin consuming it. The jaws had to widen drastically to fit around the kangaroo, which appeared to have a greater mass than the predator itself.

For hours, people watched as the python struggled with its dinner.  After it was finally done, the python had a meal worth bragging about, and the audience had an interesting story to tell.

snake eating kangaroo


Golf Balls

In Georgia, a three-foot python found itself in a heavy situation after consuming what it thought was a light dinner. After sneaking into a chicken house to score some eggs, the snake was surely disappointed to end up with four golf balls stuck in its system instead.

The snake was in immediate digestive stress, and upon discovery of the poor creature, a farmer took the python to a nearby wildlife sanctuary.

The veterinarian who took in the snake was very surprised to hear of the situation, and to see that the snake was still alive. With four heavy, indigestible golf balls tightly stuck in the snake, it wouldn’t have much of a chance unless something was done quickly.

Without a doubt, the golf balls had to come out in order for the snake to survive, so the team of veterinarians immediately performed surgery on the reptile. The snake, which they named Augustus, made a healthy recovery after the procedure and was returned to its home just a few weeks later.

The veterinarians were surprised to see that a snake had made such a mistake, and curious how.  It was considered that since the incident occurred so close to chickens, the golf balls may have taken on the scent of the chickens, confusing the predator.

lumpy snake


Electric Blanket

In Idaho, a pet Burmese python named Houdini ate one of the most shocking things on the list. A queen-sized electric blanket was entirely swallowed by the twelve-foot long reptile, leaving it in a very uncomfortable and dangerous situation.

The veterinarians were confused by the predator’s attraction to this blanket, but knew for certain that it would need surgery immediately. The snake would never be able to digest or pass such an object.

An electric blanket was obviously a very bizarre meal choice for the python, so the owner assumed that it must’ve somehow became tangled up with the rabbit that he had fed to Houdini.

With the blanket taking up nearly eight feet of space in the snake’s body, an eighteen-inch incision had to be made to remove it during the surgery. Even though the veterinarians admitted that they had never before operated on snake, the procedure went swimmingly, and Houdini made a swift recovery from the incident.

houdini the snake x-ray


Ceramic Egg

Chicken eggs are commonly seen as a very appetizing meal to snakes. To medium-sized snakes, they are easy to locate, snatch and digest.

Though in the rare cases that the eggs found by the snake are made of ceramic, the meal is not so ideal, and actually indigestible.

A five-foot black rat snake that found itself in such a situation was very lucky to be picked up by a good neighbor. With a solid, ceramic, indigestible egg in its system and no way to excrete it, the snake was beginning to feel the stress.

Soon after its discovery, the snake was taken to a wildlife center, where a specialist was referred to perform an immediate surgery. The surgery, which took hours and was high risk, had a successful turn out. The snake recovered swiftly from the procedure and hopefully learned a valuable lesson.

Ceramic eggs, like the one swallowed by this snake, are often left in chicken coops to encourage the chickens to lay eggs. The egg was said to have been noticed missing a few days before the incident, meaning the egg may have been in the snake’s system for days before the removal.

snake with fake eggs



Large constrictor snakes and crocodiles are two of the most deadly and ferocious predators in the wild. Since they can be similar in mass, it is quite a sight when one becomes prey to the other.

In Queensland, an unsuspecting passerby came across an unforgettable show. It was a fight between a large water python and full-grown crocodile, and which would win was unclear throughout.

After quite a lengthy rampage, the python eventually overtook the crocodile, and the show continued as it began to consume its kill. Imaginably, the consumption of a full-grown crocodile by a snake was not an easy one.

It took hours, but the dedicated python was finally able to put the crocodile away, as well as thoroughly disturb a few witnesses.

crocodile and python


Electric Light Bulbs

Chicken coops are like a restaurant for snakes. Hosting both chickens and eggs, they attract snakes of all sizes.

Though snakes have sharp senses to help them find prey, there are quite a few things in a chicken coop that can complicate things. Since the chickens move around their coops quite a bit, their scent and warmth sticks to many surrounding objects.

In Gainesville, Florida, a four-foot pine snake made a painful mistake not only once, but twice. The small snake was found with two uncomfortable lumps in its body, which were identified as two fifteen-watt electric light bulbs.

Though they were probably relatively easy for the snake to get down, the digestion part was going to be impossible. The unfortunate snake got lucky and was found and taken to the University of Florida’s College of Veterinarian Medicine.

Surgery was performed soon after the admission by doctors at the university. The doctors said that after a short recovery time, the snake would have a bright future and soon be returned to its habitat.

light bulb



In a few very odd and disturbing cases, snakes have actually been discovered eating themselves. With a long body and thinning tail, it is perfectly feasible for them to begin the process.

Snakes are known to seek out prey by using their keen senses, but the reptiles can actually become disoriented somewhat easily. When this happens, their senses can work against them.

One report of this happened in a local pet store. A customer witnessed a snake, which was residing in a small body of water in its tank, beginning to close its mouth around its tail. After a few moments, when blood was drawn, it was obvious what was happening to the poor snake.

The snake was able to get quite a bit of itself into itself. The cringe-worthy situation was as intriguing as it was disheartening.

As cold-blooded creatures, if snakes find themselves in an uncomfortable temperature with no way to cool off, it will cause them extreme stress and possibly confusion.

snake eating itself



Full-grown Alligator

In one unbelievable case, a snake was found dead after consuming an entire full-grown alligator. The four-meter python was found in pieces with a two-meter alligator in its belly.

Experts on the scene were confused by the incident and began to formulate theories. Though it was not conclusive, many experts agreed on the theory that the snake simply began to split after swallowing a meal that was too large for its digestive system.

Trying to contain a meal that was nearly half its length and beyond its width, obviously presented a challenge for the python. Likely close to the weight of the python, it is not surprising that the snake had issues after eating this animal.

The alligator was found nearly in-tact, protruding out of a hole in the center of the python’s destroyed body.

python and alligator



Snakes are the epitome of having eyes bigger than their stomachs, and with anacondas, the limitations are few.

In Brazil, a green anaconda was found in the process of consuming what was believed to be a full-grown cow. Though green anacondas can reach an enormous size, a cow is still far larger than ideal prey for them.

Even with very flexible jaws and a voracious appetite, the anaconda still struggled greatly with swallowing the meal, and eventually regurgitated the large mammal.



Though many stories that have been passed around the web about man-eating snakes have since been debunked, one story that tells of ten-year-old boy being swallowed by an African rock python still seems to hold up.

In Durban, South Africa, friends of the snake’s victim reported that they rushed to the treetops for safety as a python entered the area they were playing in. The children then watched in horror as the snake consumed their friend, who unfortunately did not make a quick enough getaway.

Humans are not usually targeted by this breed of snake, but food is food.  If hungry enough, a small, helpless child may look like an easy kill and decent meal to any python.

Top 10 Unbelievable Things Swallowed By Snakes

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Deadly Sea Wasp

The box jellyfish, also known as a box fish and sea wasp has one of the fastest working toxins and is described as the most lethal jellyfish in the world. Each year the sea wasp kills more people than any other marine animal and is said to have enough venom in one fish to kill 60 human adults.

Box Jellyfish Will Kill You

Australia has one of the worst problems with sea wasps as the season for them usually lasts from October to April. Other areas include New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam. Hawaii’s leeward shores can generally expect a swarm of sea wasps 9-10 days after a full moon.

The sea wasps or box jellyfish were given their name due to having a bell or cube like form. They are a pale blue transparent color and can grow up to 20 cm and weigh about 4.5 lbs. They have up to 15 tentacles on each corner of the cube which can be up to 3m in length.

The tentacles are covered with stinger cells, also called nematocysts. Each tentacle on a sea wasp can have up to 5000 of these nematocysts. Unlike many other jellyfish, the sea wasp is equipped with four eyes.

Shallow waters are usually where you can find sea wasps so swimming and other water activities are not recommended if you happen to come across one. If swimming is a must, you can avoid being stung if you wear nylon pantyhose or stockings but keep in mind they can also sting your head and neck if you do not keep these areas protected as well.

The extremely potent venom of the sea wasp is stored within the stinger cells which are triggered to release when certain chemicals are sensed rather than by touch. If you touch a sea wasp and your skin didn’t release these chemicals, you will avoid being stung.

Once activated, the stinger cells will immediately inject their toxic venom into the victim. Sea wasps stings can be extremely painful for humans. Once stung, the tentacles may stick to the skin and should never be removed while the fish is still alive as this may increase the damage.

The pain is known to linger for a few weeks and the sting will often leave a scar. Pouring vinegar over the wound is often the best treatment and will generally kill the remaining tentacles making them safe for removal.

The sting from a sea wasp can cause cardio respiratory arrest or arrhythmias so it is highly recommended you seek immediate medical attention for the proper treatment and antidote to the venom.

Box Jellyfish
box fish
potent jellyfish
toxic box fish
cube shaped jellyfish
fatal sting

Effects from a box jellyfish sting
ocean jellyfishsea wasp description

Deadly Sea Wasp

Loch Ness Moves to England

Photos surfaced recently of what appears to be the Loch Ness monster at lake Windermere district in England. They were released by an anonymous photographer who says he left his camera at the edge of a lake set to automatically to take pictures throughout the day.

He was apparently hoping to capture beautiful colors of the changing seasons along with a few shots of a Greylag goose. After returning from lunch and looking through the images, he was shocked to find what appears to be the Loch Ness Monster.

This coming the same week as banks threaten to flee Scotland for England if Scots vote yes on Scottish independence in next week’s referendum. The suspicious timing of these photos leaves many questioning if this were really just a PR stunt. The frames were sent to a camera firm autographer who says they are baffled by what it shows.

The company’s James Ebdon said: “Initially we were excited, then skeptical, and then we started laughing. Who knows what it is, maybe just some kids messing about.”
Loch Ness England

Lake Windermere
Loch Ness relocated
famous Loch Ness

Alleged image of the Loch Ness Monster captured in 1934
Scotlands lake

Scotland’s second largest body of water and tourist attraction for the Loch Ness Monster
Lake Windermere England

Lake Windermere – England’s largest natural lake and possibly the new home of the Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Moves to England

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mountain Lion Mauls Boy in Silicon Valley

A search is in progress for a mountain lion that attacked and mauled a six year old boy while hiking with his parents in California on Sunday. The boy was among a group of 10 which included parents and children.

While walking through the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve in Cupertino, the youngster was viciously attacked from behind at approximately 1pm. The Lion grabbed the boy and began dragging him away before the child’s father and another man fought it off. The boys father told investigators his son was about 10 feet ahead of the group when a mountain lion “came out of nowhere” and attacked.

Lieutenant Paul Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said authorities are deploying dogs on the trail on Monday to track the animal and if DNA samples from saliva on the boy’s shirt match any animal captured, it will be killed in the interest of public safety.

“It’s quite extraordinary the lion would attack a person with so many people in the immediate vicinity. The mountain lion attacked in the same way it would at a group of deer and targeting the easiest prey, that being the smallest member of the group” Lieutenant Foy stated.

It is estimated that 4,000 to 6,000 cougars roam statewide and more than half of California is considered to be prime mountain lion habitat.

The boy, who remains unidentified, escaped but suffered some serious bite wounds and scratches to his head and neck. He is currently recovering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he is listed to be in fair condition.
mountain lion attack
picking up the scent
picchetti ranch preserve
mountain lion habitat
area closed
wildlife officials

Mountain Lion Mauls Boy in Silicon Valley

Fatal Great White Shark Attack

Earlier this morning an Australian man was mauled to death by a suspected great white shark as his wife watched in horror. Just off the coast of Australia’s Byron Bay, former IT worker Paul Wilcox was bitten several times on his right leg as he was swimming a popular route at the end of Clarkes Beach.

A heroic onlooker, Mark Hickey, sprung into action and pulled Mr. Wilcox’s body from the water in attempt to save him. He performed CPR but ultimately it was too late.

“It was a fatal bite with major blood loss. He probably died in the water because there was no blood loss on the beach. I’ve seen a lot of sharks over the years, but never anything like this. It wasn’t going away, it was just circling,” Mr Hickey told Daily Mail Australia.

Police have praised Mr. Hickey who risked his own life to pull the man from the water. “It was an extraordinary act of bravery and we can only be thankful for his efforts.” Police and wildlife experts stated there was no plan to kill the shark, especially with Great Whites being a protected species.

great white shark
British expat

Shark attack victim Paul Wilcox
Paul and Victoria
Mark Hickey

Heroic onlooker Mark Hickey
two meter shark
killed by shark
Byron Bay police
killed by great white
beaches closed
shocked onlookers
popular swimming route
Clarkes beach
surfer evacuation

Fatal Great White Shark Attack

Real Life Crocodile Dundee!

Meet George Craig. An 84 year old Australian Native who many today consider to be the real life crocodile dundee. As a young man, George spent 17 years hunting dangerous crocodiles and providing them with shelter from the threat of humans.

In 1987, George captured Cassius, an 18 foot, one ton crocodile from a river in the Northern Territory. Cassius was known to have a very aggressive nature. He attacked many boats and had been in many vicious fights which ultimately caused him to lose his front left leg and the tip of his tail.

George saved Cassius from being killed by the local population and brought him back to his sanctuary in Marineland Melanesia. He was transferred by a truck 1850 miles to Cairns and then by boat to Green Island.

He named him Cassius after Cassius Clay the boxer. Now considered to be the largest crocodile in captivity, George has developed somewhat of a soft spot for the massive beast and has managed to feed the croc himself everyday for the last 30 years. While George is sure Cassius knows who he is, he believes that Cassius wouldn’t hesitate in eating George if given the chance.

Massive Crocodile
crocodile hunter
dangerous crocodile
Cassius Crocodile
crocodile sanctuary
Fierce hunter
crocodile rescue
australian hunter
Journey home

Real Life Crocodile Dundee!